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40294.jpgA game-theory modeling approach to utility and strength of interactions dynamics in biomedical research social networksSiqueiros-García, Jesús Mario16-may-2017
portada.pngA Package for Measuring emergence, Self-organization, and Complexity Based on Shannon entropySantamaria-Bonfil, Guillermo28-mar-2017
portada.pngA Sensorimotor Signature of the Transition to Conscious Social Perception: Co-regulation of Active and Passive TouchKojima, Hiroki13-oct-2017
portada.pngAbundance, diversity and domain architecture variability in prokaryotic DNA-binding transcription factorsPerez-Rueda, Ernesto4-mar-2018
portada.pngAn optimal strategy to solve the Prisoner's DilemmaBravetti, Alessandro31-ene-2018
portada.jpgCombining the ADMM and mathematical homogenization for atmospherical pollutant dispersion modelingPinto da Costa, Camila2018
portada.pngConcept and Functional Structure of a Service RobotPineda, Luis Alberto1-ene-2015
portada.jpgCTL update of Kripke models through protectionsCarrillo, Miguel2-mar-2014
portada.pngDeliberative Self-Organizing Traffic Lights with Elementary Cellular AutomataZapotecatl, Jorge L.30-may-2017
portada.pngDesign of a Fuzzy Networked Control Systems. Priority Exchange Scheduling AlgorithmBenítez-Pérez, Hector1-abr-2016
portada.pngDissecting the Repertoire of DNA-Binding Transcription Factors of the Archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus DSM 3638Denis, Antonia21-may-2018
portada.pngEffect of Nicotine on CYP2B1 Expression in a Glioma Animal Model and Analysis of CYP2B6 Expression in Pediatric GliomasNava-Salazar, Sonia16-jun-2018
portada.jpgEntropy Methods in Guided Self-OrganisationProkopenko, Mikhail9-oct-2014
portada.jpegFitting phase–type scale mixtures to heavy–tailed data and distributionsRojas-Nandayapa, Leonardo17-ene-2018
document.pngFRNA Bacteriophages as Viral Indicators of Faecal Contamination in Mexican Tropical Aquatic SystemsArredondo-Hernandez, Luis Jose Rene23-ene-2017
portada.jpgFunctional Prediction of Hypothetical Transcription Factors of Escherichia coli K-12 Based on Expression DataFlores-Bautista, Emanuel27-mar-2018
portada.pngGenetic Diversity and Distribution of Blastocystis Subtype 3 in Human Populations, with Special Reference to a Rural Population in Central MexicoRojas-Velázquez, Liliana18-mar-2018
cover_issue_503_es_ES.pngGenome misclassification of Klebsiella variicola and Klebsiella quasipneumoniae isolated from plants, animals and humansMartinez-Romero, Esperanza19-feb-2018
fgene-09-00039-g001.gifGriffin: A Tool for Symbolic Inference of Synchronous Boolean Molecular NetworksMuñoz, Stalin6-mar-2018
portada.jpgGrounding 4E Cognition in Mexico: introduction to special issue on spotlight on 4E Cognition research in MexicoGonzalez-Grandón, Ximena25-sep-2018