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portada.jpgCTL update of Kripke models through protectionsCarrillo, Miguel2-mar-2014
portada.jpgEntropy Methods in Guided Self-OrganisationProkopenko, Mikhail9-oct-2014
portada.pngConcept and Functional Structure of a Service RobotPineda, Luis Alberto1-ene-2015
portada.jpgP300 Detection Based on EEG Shape FeaturesAlvarado-González, Montserrat10-ene-2016
portada.pngMeasuring the Complexity of Continuous DistributionsSantamaria-Bonfil, Guillermo26-feb-2016
portada.pngDesign of a Fuzzy Networked Control Systems. Priority Exchange Scheduling AlgorithmBenítez-Pérez, Hector1-abr-2016
document.pngFRNA Bacteriophages as Viral Indicators of Faecal Contamination in Mexican Tropical Aquatic SystemsArredondo-Hernandez, Luis Jose Rene23-ene-2017
journal_cover.jpgNumerical study of the 3D-shape of a drop immersed in a fluid under an elongational flow with vorticitySanjuan, Alfredo S.8-feb-2017
portada.pngThe combination of the functionalities of feedback circuits is determinant for the attractors’ number and size in pathway-like Boolean networksAzpeitia, Eugenio10-feb-2017
document.pngTowards the complete proteinaceous regulome of Acinetobacter baumanniiCasella, Leila G.23-mar-2017
portada.pngA Package for Measuring emergence, Self-organization, and Complexity Based on Shannon entropySantamaria-Bonfil, Guillermo28-mar-2017
portada.pngWhere There Is Life There Is Mind: In Support of a Strong Life-Mind Continuity ThesisKirchhoff, Michael D.14-abr-2017
40294.jpgA game-theory modeling approach to utility and strength of interactions dynamics in biomedical research social networksSiqueiros-García, Jesús Mario16-may-2017
portada.pngDeliberative Self-Organizing Traffic Lights with Elementary Cellular AutomataZapotecatl, Jorge L.30-may-2017
document.pngLocalization of sound sources in robotics: A reviewRascon, Caleb5-ago-2017
portada.pngRank distributions: Frequency vs. MagnitudeVelarde, Carlos5-oct-2017
portada.pngA Sensorimotor Signature of the Transition to Conscious Social Perception: Co-regulation of Active and Passive TouchKojima, Hiroki13-oct-2017
m_cover.jpegMEBS, a software platform to evaluate large (meta)genomic collections according to their metabolic machinery: unraveling the sulfur cycle.De Anda, Valerie23-oct-2017
portada.pngImproving public transportation systems with self-organization: A headway-based model and regulation of passenger alighting and boardingCarreón, Gustavo29-dic-2017
portada.jpgCombining the ADMM and mathematical homogenization for atmospherical pollutant dispersion modelingPinto da Costa, Camila2018